California Coast Naturals sources its olives from the Makela family farm located on the beautiful coast of Santa Barbara. The olives are hand-harvested and either sun-dried or cured in a traditional salt brine; no chemicals or pasteurization here! The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is also pressed on site the same day as harvest (cold-pressed, unfiltered and unrefined... this is true EVOO). If you have any questions about the ranch or our process, please feel free to reach out to us at any time or stop on by the ranch for a tour and some raw olives!

Our Story

California Coast Naturals is a family company founded on the beautiful west coast of Santa Barbara. The Makelas have lived in this historic town for more than ten generations, with relatives that not only lived in the first established structure, El Presidio, but who had a major impact on California’s agricultural expansion. In 1851, John Emile Goux brought olives and grape vines to Santa Barbara, where he planted the very first olive orchard in the area. While in search of an alternate Mediterranean climate away from Spain and France, John Emile came across this lovely coastline, where he staked his first claim of land and began a long line of family tradition.The Makelas now carry on this tradition with California Coast Naturals.

Where We are located

California Coast Naturals is located in between El Capitan and Refugio State beaches along the Gaviota Coast in Santa Barbara County. It is 101 acres of pristine organic land with over 5,000 olive trees. Our Products are superior to our competitors particularly because of the land on which they’re grown.  The rich, virgin, alluvial soil, combined with the south facing slopes at 600 feet above sea level, provide the perfect conditions for olives and grapes to thrive. Our location not only allows optimal climate for production, but is also conveniently located just off of Highway 101.